About Eric Brunelle

I started to practice nudes photography in 2000, first with the German artist Arboulan and later with the Hungarian artist Szeni Jung. In 2004/2005, I kicked off my project Venusonearth that is also the name of my website. The scope was pretty ambitious as my intent was to capture the beauty of many models in different European countries and share my work in magazines, online communities, photo contests and exhibitions. As I started to get recognition in several countries in 2007, I decided to continue my journey and focus more on artistic nudes, as opposed to mainstream. Years later, I developed my style with themes like "Visions". By often using foil, fleece and similar material in the studio, I am showing the beauty of models in an indirect manner. More than 80% of the final picture is done in the studio ; I am using software only to do minor corrections. After more than 15 years of work, I am proud that some magazines and contests like PHOTO (France), VIEW (Germany) and Trierenberg (Austria) recognize me as a person of talent. Last but not least, I have started to sell calendars. My current plans include more shootings in the nature next spring and summer and new themes in a studio.
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